My name is Darren Jewell and I have been in the catering industry for for the past 29 years.
I have worked three of the largest catering chains in the country in various roles. I also completed a course to become a trainer in one of the companies.

I then retrained in a completely different industry as I find that I love to learn new things. It took me longer to complete this course because at the start of the two year course I was assaulted in my full time job and suffered a trapped nerve in my neck that meant I could not do any practical lessons for 3 months. Due to this assault I had to sign on for an extra year. I completed the course early but continued to go to college to practice and read more books. In one lesson while other students were completing multiple choice papers certain students found it hard to answer some questions and with the agreement of the teacher I would reword the question and get them to tell me the answer. It was then that I thought it would be a great idea if there was a website were students could sit unlimited tests just to get used to exams.

I then years later completed a website design course and thought back to my idea many years before. I did a search online and couldn’t find anything like this idea so I put my idea into motion.

If you have any feedback or want information to be added please contact me at darrenjewellpublishing@gmail.com

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